Hello! My name is Jim Turnpaugh. I have been performing magic for over two decades.  I am best know for what is called close-up magic. Close-up magic is performed for a smaller group of people and is done with everyday objects i.e. cards, coins, rubber bands. Preforming this style of magic has won me several awards from the national magic community.  I have also been honored to have my original creations published in international magic magazines.

Although I am best known for my close-up performances, I have also created a stage show that can be tailored to fit any audience. My stage show is a mixture of comedy, magic and mind reading. The rave reviews from my fellow magicians and general audiences have humbled me. My love and joy for entertaining people through magic is showcased in this stage show. I strive with every performance to live up to this quote by Walt Disney, "Do what you do so well, they will want to see it again and bring their friends.".  I study and practice my craft daily, so my performances are ever changing and can evolve to meet the needs of any audience.